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The Mission

Pink Dust Cosmetics launched in 2016 with a goal of providing professional quality, easy-to-use makeup exclusively through digital channels. Backed with the knowledge and passion of a professional makeup artist, Pink Dust found early success in leveraging their influencer connections, but needed a stellar marketing team to bring its sales to the next level through powerful and results-driven marketing initiatives.

Strategic Flight Plan

Since its inception, Rocket Science has pioneered the marketing for Pink Dust including brand development, website creation and SEO, digital marketing and social media. From a brand perspective, we strategically positioned the founder of Pink Dust as the face of the brand, generating content that not only showcases the products, but also provides value through tutorials, tips and beauty inspiration. In addition, we leveraged a relationship with HGTV star Christina Anstead to position Pink Dust as her go-to makeup brand. Most recently, we implemented a strategic and results-driven advertising campaign using search, Facebook and Instagram to reach and cultivate new audiences with diligent intentionality around consistently driving incremental sales.


Pink Dust experienced an early growth in sales due to a well-rounded content strategy and leveraging of influencer connections. Since shifting budget in favor of digital advertising, sales have grown exponentially, at times challenging the company to keep product in stock. Through constant campaign management, ongoing testing and ROI-based spending, we’ve shifted the heavy reliance on influencer support to a balanced, sustainable and scalable marketing approach.

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Tutorial, tips and beauty inspirations via YouTube and social channels.