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The Mission

As Discovery Cube OC prepared to open its second-ever blockbuster exhibit, Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology, our team was tasked with building and implementing a marketing and PR campaign that would drive the record-setting attendance. There were two key challenges in this mission: 1) to drive awareness and ticket sales among an older audience that Discovery Cube wouldn’t normally target and 2) to work creatively within the strict boundaries of the exhibit’s marketing assets and guidelines to build a campaign that would resonate both with the Cube’s existing audience of families with young kids, as well as the more mature Indy fan-base.

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Strategic Flight Plan

In partnering closely with Lucasfilm, we were able to stretch the creative boundaries of the exhibit’s marketing guidelines to develop a robust marketing campaign backed by a wide variety of earned media coverage. The advertising strategy featured a high-visibility mix of TV, outdoor, radio, digital and print, and included a street team that toured SoCal in a decked out retro army vehicle. Our multi-layered approach penetrated the entire LA DMA with audience-specific messaging tailored to families, Indy fans and others. We also utilized partnerships with AAA, Disney/Lucasfilm, tourism associations and others to amplify the message.

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The US Premiere of Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology at Discovery Cube was a smashing success! The nonprofit science center experienced numerous positive results, including: 24% increase in total attendance during the run of the exhibit; 29% increase in total revenue; 21% increase in new membership; and, the overall marketing campaign delivered a 353% return on advertising spend. As an intangible result of the great success we had in driving attendance, Discovery Cube earned the respect of exhibit developers and industry peers alike as it became a legitimate venue to showcase world-class exhibits. Further, RSMG earned the trust and respect from Lucasfilm as we demonstrated the ability to elevate and protect their brand in all our creative endeavors to push the envelope towards success.

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